Friday, October 30, 2009

'di ko kayang TANGGAPIN!!! >_<

I've read it so many times sa manga..
pero why the fuck am i still upset that Jiraiya had to die!???
putangina tlaga naman ni Masahashi eh noh!!
"the old must make way for the new",
as i've said, ilang beses ko na binasa yung nasa manga..
thinking, "sana ganito ginawa mo, sana ganun"..
tapos ngayong nasa anime na,
parang ang hirap lalong tanggapin!! HAIPUTA! hahahaha

Friday, October 16, 2009


nung sinabi ni mam estira na sa P.O.C. ako mapupunta,
i fell off of my chair.. LITERALLY!!! hahahahaha..
as in, naga-slide ba ako sa chair ko, nasa harap pa naman dn ako!!
and it is not because it was a "eeewww-nesss" hospital,
i fell off because kasama ko ang barkada!! AHHAHAHA
sabi ko nga nung araw na yun,
"wala akong pake kung sang ospital ako mapunta,
basta kasama ko ang barkada!!" hahahaha..
(prinsipyo ng ayaw pa gum-raduate eh noh? hehe..
pero with regards to hospital assignment, at first,
well yeah medyo hindi ko nagustuhan..
pero after siguro 1 hour, aba, ayan na ang mga text!!
"naku, gagaling ka dun","ok mga tek dun, medyo matatanda nga lang",
at my personal favorite "TOXIC don boi, pero matututo ka"..
and after my FIRST day, sobrang TOXIC nga!!
that is the only first best fitting to describe P.O.C.
pero sa FIRST day ko dn nalaman na parang ang galing galing ko! haha
nakapag Lumbo Sacral examination ako,
using the second to the smallest film!!!
eh before nga BIG FILM, napuputulan pko eh! hahahahaha..
do i need to add more?
ok sige, uhmm, during first weeks, may LECTURE kame..
as in, yung mga tek, find time during their busy sked, para turuan kame first hand!!!
how kewl is that? tlagang kapag umalis ka sa ortho ng wala ka natututunan,
isa lang problema mo, baog ka.. (HUH?) hahahaha

oh yeah, nga pala.. nagdodorm na nga dn pala ako..
with regards sa space, lets just say wala pa siyang 5 sq. meters..
hahaha.. good for 2 lang dn naman eh, saka we have our own bathroom..
saka may privacy kame, other rooms have room mates na hindi mo tlaga kilala eh..
with regards to accessibility, lets just say kahit gumising ako ng 6:30,
na ang pasok eh 7am, makakapag log-in pa dn ako ng 6:55..
(wala pa nga lang breakfast) hahaha..

single most F-ed up regret is that wala akong internet connection! hahaha..
i have to check my mails, 2 days a week nalang, during fridays and saturdays!
wala masiyado comp. shop dun eh.. (kase naho-holdap yung buong shop! ahha)
oh and the GASTOS!! hahahahahaha..
last night lang kame hindi naginom, eh weve been staying sa dorm for 1 week na!
and about last night, me and kebin were so restless!!
hinahanap ng sistema namin yung beer, yung pampatulog!!!! hahahaha..

so its, one week down, 5 months and 7 days to go.. ehehe..

Saturday, October 03, 2009

it happened, JUST LIKE THAT..

blog entry may contain 100% PURE GAY-NESS!! hahahaha
when andrew first knew he was gonna be an intern,

he expected it to be an experience of a lifetime..

and sure as it is, well, it was.. hehe..

and he's only half way there,

he just finished his junior internship at DLSUMC..

(De La Salle University Medical Center)

his senior internship? well, they haven't announced it yet..

and in the 5 1/2 months he had stayed in that
he's gotta say, it was something he would do over and over again..

he wouldn't change every minute and every second of it..
he doesn't clearly remember everything that had happened,

but significant highlights of this experience, he would never forget..

like on the first day, how the
y counted the time left for them to be on duty..
the first catch phrase ("TOXIC"! haha.. which was an exaggeration of the first day)
the first person to talk to them and orient them

the first inuman! haha..

the first 16 hour duty..

the 32 hour duty..
the residents/consultants/staffs..

there were times in this experience that andrew wanted it to end,

of course as there were UPs, there are also DOWNs..
but now that it has ended, he misses it..

its like he didn't want it to end, well, not yet..
but, it did.. how he wished someone had recorded everything
that had occurred
in the past 5 1/2 months
so that andrew could play it over and over..

it was something worth remembering,
it was worth doing again..

andrew extends his
deepest regards and thanks to all those that was part of this journey..
his co-interns, staffs, employees, doctors, residents, consultants..

little, small or no significance at all, they will forever stay within my subconscious..
hehe.. thank you! ^_^

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

32 hours ON DUTY, SWEAR!!! ☺

i was intending to duty for 16 hours only but DAMN!!
ONDOG had to ruin everything!!

friday 10pm - saturday 6am
everything was just fine,
little rain here, winds here and there..
hours in hospital: 8

saturday 6am - saturday 2pm
i wanted to go home, felt that something was brewing in the sky..
when i went out to see if the sky has calmed down,
i opened a crack sa FIRE EXIT door (which is like 200lbs heavy)
IT BLEW WIDE OPEN!!!! (shows how strong the wind is! haha)
hours in hospital: 16

saturday 2pm - saturday 10pm
still wanted to go home, but CANT!
flooded streets scare the shit out of me.. hahaha..
plus im in my white uniform, thats just not right! haha
i called home, asked if they could come and get me..
hours in hospital: 24

saturday 10pm - sunday 6am
i slept like i was drunk! i couldn't even hear patients coming in from the ER..
when i woke up, first thing i looked at was the sky outside..
somehow rain has subsided and i was determined to go home this time!!
hours in hospital: 32

logged in friday, logged out sunday..
parang mga JIs and medical clerks (which stays in the hospital for 36 hours)
me so whiny, it shows im not meant to be med! hahaha..

Monday, September 14, 2009

My First Incedent Report (I.R.)

well, it isnt official YET... but it soon will be,
considering the fact that the one who requested it was GAY and had shit for balls!
it all started when early this morning, i had a patient who i won't call PJ
and i wont say worked in DLSUMC/DLSHSI.... i also can't he was there for his annual P.E.
which includes the radiographic examination of the chests, so i asked him NICELY
to take off his shirt (which is considered protocol to almost ALL HOSPITALS)
and place his thorax/chest in front of the VCH (vertical cassette holder)
when the examination was done (which didn't take more than 20 secs),
i asked him to wait as i check his radiograph, he then turned to me and said:
(in a very gayish-discreetly-shy type-low volumed-manner)
"kuya, may dugesh!" KIDDING haha.. "kuya may dugo!!"
so i calmly said "sige sir, ikukuha nalang kita ng tissue or cotton balls na may alcohol.."
i went back, offered the cotton (coz he had a small trace of blood on his weak-underling-chest),
and cleaned the VCH..
which, may i remind YOU, had only A DROP of DRIED BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you may not even consider it as A DROP of DRIED BLOOD eh...
the son of a bitch made a big deal out of it and reported it to the industrial..
he went back to the department pa, tapos parang ang yabang yabang pa...
nung na x-ray daw siya bat daw walang GOWN!???
saka bakit may DUGO???
eh tarantado!! sana sinabi mo, dun ka namin i-nex-ray sa VIP suite namin!!!
IGNORANTE ang walanghiya!! parang mas malaki binayad mo sa ANNUAL PE ahh..

even worse than what has already transpired as "eksena"..
he reported it to the management!!!
and the management wanted to talk the the person
who took the radiograph and made him a great big fool for taking off his shirt
exposing his "sexy body"..

the management wanted to talk to ME!!

pangunang bati: "hi sir, si blah blah blah blah..."
and i was like: "ahhh yes mam, ako po yung kumuha nun"
she was like: "eh sir, protocol na po ba tlaga satin na hindi bigyan ng gown and mga pasyenteng lalake???"
and i was like: (wasn't sure of the answer) "ahh yes mam, it might superimpose po kase sa radiograph.. .. blah blah blah...
she was like: "blah blah.. maski po sa mga empleyado natin? blah blah"
and i was like: *thinking to my self* (ahh ok, pag lalakeng empleyado lang pala)

if i had went on and on with what we talked about, it will only lead you to tears..
hahaha joke lng, no it would only lead to me winning the arguement.. BWAHAHA..
of course it ended with, "can i speak with sinong OIC ni sir alex today??"

and boss told me gusto daw ako bigyan ng I.R. (incedent report)
hahahaha.. fifteen days to go, hindi pa pinatapos junior internship ko!! hahaha..
why that low life-lame-excuse-for-a-GUY had to ruin it??
the boss now considers the fact that ALL patients young, old, man, woman and child
to wear gowns during procedures..


JOKE of the month

It's better if the person you love is happy with someone else,
than lovely with you...

For most it's called SACRIFCE,
but for me it's called....



QUOTE of the month

When both have feelings for each other,
it doesn't necessarily need to have a formal girlfriend/boyfriend relationship..

While both of you are still busy with your personal life,
it's possible that you could make each other as an inspiration..

just a

isn't it much sweeter and nicer when you both accomplished
everything you want in life and yet,
you still end up TOGETHER!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

waking up to someone else's FUNERAL

i was up late last night (just because)
i never intended to wake up around 10am,
but so i did.. i woke up, to someones sermon,
to someones funeral.. i realized, it was President Cory Aquino's Funeral..
as in nananaginip ako ng "girls jumping on trampoline"
tapos ang sound/audio eh yung sermon/sharing nung isang tao!
YUN PALA SI KRIS NA YUN! hahahahaha..
(or i think yung guy na speaker before her)
nwei, i never really cared much about some celerity or popular someone dying..
pero this was very significant, i realized of all the years ive been here in this world
or should i say in this country, KELAN YUNG LAST TIME NA MAY NAMATAY NA PRESIDENT?
i mean, not including Marcos ahh.. kaya maybe this is my "first".. haha..

when i was wide awake, hindi ako dali-dali na tumayo, i watched lang muna..
hindi pa naghihilamos, pinunas ko nalang tuyong laway ko sa kumot,
ang muta namumuo pa sa gilid ng mga mata.. the likes..
i was listening to this priest from his sermon, why cory is the way she is..
how she was TIME magazines woman of the year,
the ender of dictatorship,
the mother of Philippine democracy, etc..
everything was very moving.. and id like to quote him,
pero wala akong maalala.. ahhaha..

when it was almost time for the mass to end,
(oo ni-skip ko na yung part na nag speech si kris.. haha.. medyo drama na eh..)
i had goosebumps when Lea Salonga took center stage and sang;
"ibon mang may layang lumpiad".. i couldn't help but be gay and have teary eyes..
tang ina kase eh.. napakaganda nung Cathedral eh..
what a dream it would be to serve there..
gusto ko karirin yung paggiging sakristan ko para in time,
makapag serve ako dun..
it was such a HIGH mass btw, i mean almost 20 bishops was there!! haha
not to mention the ARCHBISHOP!! so parang ASTTTEEEGGG!! hahaha
oh and the CHOIR! GEEEZZZ!! hindi man sila Philharmonic,
pero MAGALEENGG!!! whew!!

continuing on, when it was time for the convoy to move from Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorial, the route was filled with people all giving thanks to the former president..
throwing yellow flowers and showering yellow confetti..
in the midst of it all, something caught my attention, kawawa naman yung
apat na AFP na nakatayo sa hearse ni Cory.. haha..
i think they left the Cathedral mga past 11, tapos dumating sila almost 8 na ata..
hindi manlang sila maka-ihe or maka-kain.. or pano kapag uhaw na sila.. haha..
during this time, there was some footage sa PN ata yun..
kase mga Naval Ships honored the funeral with the firing of their canons..
akalain mo, gumagana pala yung mga yun!! ahahahaha

with whats all said and done, the funeral is over,
everyone has given their thanks, everyone has mourned,
Kris Aquino is still crying (haha), who could be the next Cory and Ninoy?

i would like to leave this post with a letter..
a letter from Ninoy to Cory.. i read this from a friend's Notes..
Ms Elaine Angelica Pucio, hehe.. sabi ko syo quote kita eh.. (kahit d ikaw naka kita originally)

My Dearest Cory,

In a few hours I shall be embarking on an uncertain fate, which may well be the end of a long struggle. I slept well last night for the first time since I left Boston -- maybe because I'm just plain tired or I'm really at peace with myself. I want to tell you many things but time is running out and I do not have any machine. After a few more paragraphs, my penmanship will be illegible.

All the things I want to tell you may be capsulized in one line - - I love you! You've stood by me in my most trying moments and there were times I was very hard on you. But if anyone will ever understand me, it is you, and I know you will always find it in your heart to forgive -- and unfair and ironic as it is -- it is because of this thought and belief that I often took you for granted.

Early on I knew I was not meant to make money -- so I won't be able to leave anything to the children. I did what I thought I could do best, which is public service, and I hope our people in time will appreciate my sacrifices. This would be my legacy to the children. I may not bequeath them material wealth but I leave them a tradition which can be priceless.

I realize I've been very stingy with praise and appreciation for all your efforts -- but though unsaid -- you know that as far I'm concerned, you are the best. That's why we've lasted this long. There will only be one thing in the world I will never accept -- that you love me more than I love you -- because my love for you though unarticulated will never be equaled.

If all goes well I should be back in my cell before sundown. Should I be detained do not rush to get home. Take your time and enjoy a side trip to Europe with the girls.

I'll try to call you tonight if the authorities will allow me. Otherwise just remember me in your dreams.


P.S. I offered a special rosary for Papa and I asked for his intercession. You know he never failed me (Ninoy here is referring to Cory's father, Jose Cojuangco, who died on August 21, 1976)


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i practically fed almost the whole radiology dept.. hahaha..
well.. exage na ata yun.. pero damn!
ang dami tlaga.. emot made uhmm BLT's in the morning..
about 100 sandwiches.. tapos i ordered sa CERTZ 4 baked macs..
and by request of yung ibang "tek" eh they want bread rolls daw..
edi siggeee!! hahaha.. i ordered 4 pero dumating is 5! but that was cool..
i had intended na bigyan ang faculty, so yun.. i did.. hehe..
money was really no object pero nung napagalaman ko na madami pala nakakaalam..
o_O OMFG! ahhahaha.. ang daming schedules!!!

KAHAPON, kame ni dan dan (textmate)
NGAYON, kame nila emot (dapat kasama sila karl saka puset, pero wala eh)
FRIDAY, kame ng mga RT (and i think sasama dn ang mga PT OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!)
SATURDAY, TJ batch naman (wala masiyado gastos, ambag ambag ng konte)
SUNDAY, mga barkada sa village (na kayang maginom hanggang 10am ng tanghale, which is what we did nung christmas! HAHAHAHA)
NEXT WEEK, burol naman.. kanino kamo?? BUROL KO!! hahahaha..
mamamatay nako neto.. hindi lang sa dahil nainom ako saka yosi at pulutan..
pero papatayin ako dahil sa utang.. hahaha.. hindi naman sa sinasabi kong sagot ko lahat ng inuman na yan.. may ambagan dyan for sure..

pero i wanted to buy new shoes eh..
SUPRAAA!!!! and i have only 11K to go around.. SHEET! HAHAHAHA YABANG!!!

well.. fun day.. fun WEEK actually..
or teka fun MONTH! haha... it will be all well worth it.. ^_^